Crazy Junior Rocket Skates - Red Fade
Crazy Junior Rocket Skates - Red Fade
Crazy Junior Rocket Skates - Red Fade
Crazy Junior Rocket Skates - Red Fade

Crazy Junior Rocket Skates - Red Fade

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The ROCKET by Crazy Skates™ is a trusted, performance skate perfect for young beginner skaters! Comfortable, stable and totally functional. Rockets have been designed to give a young child the best possible start when they are learning to skate. The ROCKET performs and skates like a real roller skate - not a toy, at a very competitive price. Skate with even more comfort and style than ever before.  All at the best price!

Available in great colors, the ROCKET is extremely comfortable and boasts a wide comfort fitting boot perfect for growing feet. The materials used in the boot construction are long lasting and will be great to hand down to siblings or family friends when they are outgrown. Signature urethane speed hub wheels are fitted with ABEC-3 full precision bearings for smooth, effortless roll. ROCKET wheels are made from quality urethane and NOT plastic like most entry level roller skates giving the skates a smooth roll and most importantly grip and excellent stability for the young skater.

The nylon plate is strong and lightweight with trucks that feature a simple one bolt adjustment feature. Simply loosen the adjustment nut for better turning and agility OR tighten the adjustment for a more stable movement while learning. Toe stoppers are long lasting, non marking and are made from urethane (not plastic) so you can stop and start with confidence NO sliding or slipping.

When choosing the Crazy ROCKET skate, you are getting exceptional quality at a budget price. The Crazy ROCKET is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, which makes them perfect for use around the home and neighborhood. Hands down, it is one of the best quality and best value skates on the market today!

STYLISH DESIGN - The Rocket is a cool sneaker style skate featuring an awesome black/red hombre color design.
PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS –The skates can be tightened so that they are more stable for beginner skaters and then can be loosened for better turning and agility as your child gains experience.
SAFETY FIRST – Rest easy knowing that this skate features solid urethane toe stops for safe fast and efficient braking – unlike plastic parts found in some other skates.
HIGH PERFORMANCE – This quad skate features top quality components including ABEC 3 bearings and pure urethane wheels that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor skating.
TOTAL COMFORT – The high top sneaker style skates features soft padded collars and lined boots to ensure your girl or boy enjoys a super comfortable and supportive fit.