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Our Founder

“Skating is for everyone to feel the freedom of wheels on their feet and the joy that it brings”

Female owned and operated, Fritzy's Roller Skate Shop is the brain child of Christina "Fritz" Stang an elite level skater who started as a 90's rink rat-roller blader and eventually made the transition to quad skates and trained hard enough to earn a spot on the US Womens Rink Hockey team and concurrently competed at the highest level of roller derby earning a silver medal at two of the WFTDA Championships.

Whether it was driving a zamboni, coaching all levels of skaters, passing out skates at the local roller rink, or working directly for roller skate companies, Christina has the experience and skate knowledge to help any level of skater buy the skates of their dreams.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe space for all humans who want be active, stylish, and part of the world wide rolling skating family. Whether its quad or inline skates, everyone deserves to feel the freedom of the wind in your hair, flying through the streets, thrill that skating brings.

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Our Knowledge

It can be intimidating to purchase a pair of skates especially if you have NEVER skated before. If you are in San Diego swing by the shop and we can help give you the perfect fit and roll! If you are ordering online we are available by phone, text, email, or social media to help get as close as we can to the perfect size!

Our staff have years if not decades of skate knowledge and are happy to share what they know with anyone wanting to learn! Besides basic skate fit knowledge we can help you get outfitted for any number of skating sports you may want to master.

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