Custom Skates

Looking at creating skates that are 100% your own? Whether you are cruising the streets, rolling at the rink, or sliding on some rails; these skates are attention grabbers. 

A few things to know:

1. Customs range from $250-400+ and include plates, wheels, bearings, mounting, etc. When building shoe skates we use our custom made insole that is super thin and durable so you don't need to size up with us. 

2. These set ups are not refundable. Once you buy them, they are yours to do with what you will!

3. We will work with you to create your masterpiece!

4. We guarantee a two week turnaround once your NEW AND UNUSED shoes/boots arrive to us, but usually its way sooner.

5. How to get started - Email us! Include your name, phone number and all details; price range, ideal plate, preferred wheels and any pictures of a similar set up that you've seen online. The more information you provide to us the better as it allows us to help build your dream skate. EMAIL:

6. Need to drop off or mail your shoes/boots in? Please deliver them to: 
Skateworld San Diego
Attn: Dr. Nick
6907 Linda Vista Rd
San Diego, CA 92111

Be sure to include your name, a list of any skate parts you are sending (and if you have special instructions), a return address, your contact information (phone & email) and the order numbers for parts you have already paid for. We can assemble anything you send to us as long as the parts are the correct fit and size (slide blocks, wheels, etc.)