You're interested in getting new skates FROM THE INTERNET!? Sizing is one of the hardest things to do virtually without the luxury of trying on in store, but we are here to help! Below is a sizing chart for each brand. Also, fun fact, most of our skates has size chart in the description! 

Reference the size chart!!! It's really important that when you measure your foot you back your foot up against a wall and draw a half circle around the top of your foot. Then use a tape measure to measure the longest part of your foot. Millimeters off makes a huge difference so dont be afraid to measure twice! When in doubt go up in size rather than down! Moxi has released a great image to show exactly how to draw your foot!

Atom/Jackson Skates

Be careful and read each skates individual sizing. The Black Mystique runs in mens sizes, where the White Mystique and Vista Vipers in Black, Red, and Purple all run in women's sizes

Chaya Skates

Chaya generally run small and we base them in women's sizes. Be sure to check each products size chart listed on our site.




We highly recommend going to their site and exploring their different sizing charts. Generally most Riedell skates go off the same size chart as the Moxi Beach Bunny.

Sure Grip

Sure Grip is an interesting one, the Boardwalk, Fame, and Stardust are all 1.5-2 sizes bigger than a normal women's shoe size. So if you wear a women's 8, you would likely order a 6.