Crazy Jam Pop Roller Skates
Crazy Jam Pop Roller Skates
Crazy Jam Pop Roller Skates
Crazy Jam Pop Roller Skates
Crazy Jam Pop Roller Skates

Crazy Jam Pop Roller Skates

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Jam Pop Roller Skates

The Jam POP by Crazy Skates is a size adjustable roller skate that quickly and easily adjusts to fit four different shoe sizes. This allows the skates to grow with your child and saves you from having to buy new skates every time their feet grow, while also providing your boy or girl with a long-lasting pair of skates.

Unique Size Adjustment System

Our adjustment system utilizes a series of micro-adjustments rather than just locking in just at a full shoe size. These small adjustments allow you to fit the skates to the foot, which creates a custom, individualized fit for your child. This sort of customized sizing ensures that your child will have the most comfortable and supportive skating experience possible. The adjustment mechanism is also fully internal, so it is not visible and doesn't interfere with the classic look of these rink-ready skates!

High-Quality Components

Once you have the skates fitted, it will be time to take them for a spin and experience all of the Jam POP’s top-quality, high-performance features. You will immediately notice our smooth ABEC 5 bearings, which allow the wheels to turn smoothly while also providing a high quality “roll” for the best possible skating session. Next, you will feel the perfect mix of bounce and grip that is provided by our 58mm urethane wheels, allowing the Jam POP to be used either indoors or outdoors with equal ease and enjoyment.



The Jam POP adjusts to fit 4 different shoe sizes and uses a system of small incremental micro-adjustments to ensure that you get the perfect fit.


The jet-black boots, faux-lamb’s wool tongue and coordinated accessories make these skates ready to roll, bounce and jam in style.


The Jam POP features ABEC 5 bearings, 58mm urethane wheels and toe stops; all of which make these skates great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor

Finally, when it is time to slow your roll, you will appreciate that we included urethane toe stops, which allow you to stop in a smooth and controlled manner. The Jam POP skates feature a classic bounce/jam/rhythm style usually only seen at a much more expensive price. Their design is based around a jet-black skate boot which is set off with a faux lamb’s wool tongue and accessorized with all black toe stops, laces and our signature wheels. Whatever your jam, these skates will allow you to do it in style.

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