PowerDyne 11/16 inch Deluxe Slim Wrench

PowerDyne 11/16 inch Deluxe Slim Wrench

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Need to tighten your loose kingpins but just can’t find the right tool for the job? Well, look no further than the laser-cut PowerDyne 11/16” Deluxe Slim Wrench. At only 4mm thick, this wrench easily slides under your wheels and trucks to reach the base of your kingpin, so you can tighten things up quickly on the fly. The Deluxe Slim Wrench also has a socket side, so you can adjust when the trucks are off as well.

PowerDyne Deluxe Slim Wrench Features: 

  • 11/16" Wrench and Socket
  • Laser cut steel
  • Fits most standard kingpin bases