Juice Rox Wheels 8pk

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Juice Rox Wheels are poured using a tried and true skateboard formula, one that is poured is two different densities per wheel. The softer inner core of each Rox Wheel will work to absorb impact from landings and redistribute that energy with every stride, creating a feel that is both more comfortable and more powerful than single-pour wheels. It's got a wider-than-usual contact width of 24mm as well, which translates into more stability and greater control while navigating the park.

Advanced park skaters will likely prefer the maneuverability and roll from the smaller, harder Rox Wheels. Beginners and skaters who may be using these wheels around the park and in the streets will appreciate the added grip and easier roll offered by the larger sizes.

  • Set of 4 Wheels
  • Sizes: 57mm, 60mm, 62mm
  • Hardnesses: Soft, Medium, Hard

Sold in packs of 8, so you only need to order one set for both skates.