It's All in the Details

It's All in the Details

Part of our mantra around here is to make it easy for anyone to skate! That is easy to do when a customer walks in the store, but what happens when everything is closed and all ordering is done online?! 

We start by offering the best sizing and style advice we can via social media, email, or even a phone call! We also make sure that everything listed in stock is actually IN STOCK so that you are able to get your skates shipped SAME DAY if you order by 3pm!

Next, we make the extra effort to make sure skates are ready to roll for each customer:

  • Inspect each skate for manufacturing defects so there are no surprises when the skates arrive. 
  • Adjust as necessary wheels, trucks, and toe stops. Most skates come "factory tightened" and usually need to be adjusted before their first use
  • If you order additional options like fancy toe stops or fun colored laces we always reach out to see if you would like us to put them on for you <3

Having worked in the skating rink industry for over 15 years, so many people bring in their "new skates" and complain that they do not roll or feel funny because a truck is super loose, and its because they ordered on Amazon or some other place where they were not adjusted before shipping!

Keep rolling and practicing!





  • Grandma Bev


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