Crazy ProteXion PRO Tri-Pack

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Pads aren’t meant to get in the way, pads are meant to give you the freedom to skate your hardest and to have ''your back'' when you push your limits. Crazy’s ProteXion PRO pads are lightweight, comfortable slimline pads that are ready to take on the terrain with you. Great for adults!

Breathable, reinforced materials and a great fitting design, means that these pads will stay dry and comfortable while you enjoy your skating, day after day... Fitting is fast and easy with wide velcro straps with long life elastic, marked clearly ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ with easy, visual Wrist / Elbow / Knee tags so there is no confusion - get it right....everytime!

The Crazy Skate Company feels that happy and healthy go together, hand in hand. Protecting your joints is important, which is why we always recommend  the use of Wrist, Knee and Elbow pads as well as a helmet. 

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