Crazy 148 Kid Roller Blades

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Model 148 Inline Skates

The Model 148 is an adjustable inline skate that is targeted for beginner skaters and features a build quality and style that was designed to provide an optimum skating experience. All of these elements result in a skate that is easy to learn on and affordable, while still providing the quality roll and feel of a much more expensive product.

Size Adjustable

The first and most important feature of these skates is their ability to size adjust across a range of four shoe sizes. There is a button on the side of the boot that, when pressed, allows you to slide the toe section to increase or decrease the size. This means that the skates will be able to grow along with your child, allowing them to enjoy the skates for a longer period and saving you money as well!

High Quality Design

The model 148 was also built to provide a fantastic “roll” for your child, ensuring that they have a great skate experience. This is made possible by the skates’ high quality ABEC 5 bearings and solid urethane wheels, which are great for both indoor and outdoor use. The wheels will spin smoothly and evenly, unlike the cheap plastic wheels found in beginner skates sold by our competitors.

Comfort Fit

Comfort and support are very important for a new skater. The 148 is built with a solid frame boot, which makes it strong and durable, that provides the correct support and cuff stiffness for young skaters. The all-nylon boot also includes a breathable mesh liner and ventilated shell, both of which will keep your child comfortable and happy during extended skating sessions