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We are very proud to support these amazing skaters that are making a difference in our community. Please take a moment to get to know our Fritzy's Shop Skaters and follow them on social media. 

2022 Sponsored Skaters

Fritzy's Sponsored Skater

Sarah Haywood

Sarah Haywood is an Entrepreneur, Artist and Multipotentialite. A mover, shaker, out-of-the-box thinker, mystic and seeker. Her vast interests and creative pursuits range from health and wellness ventures to manifestation coaching and intuitive oracle readings.

 A lover of nature, the ocean, animals and the Earth, she is always looking to leave every place she goes, better and brighter than she found it. She has spent the last decade traveling the globe working on passion projects, studying with various teachers and attending a handful of mystery schools. 

Sarah got her first pair of skates at 5 years old. It became her favorite pastime and she and her brother spent every weekend at the roller rink for nearly 10 years. When she was 15, she managed to score a job working the concession stand for a whole year. When she turned 16, she asked to be promoted to the floor and was told that she couldn’t because that job was for “guys only”. After her dreams of being a Roller Rink DJ were crushed, she quit her job, bought a car, and her passion for skating took a back seat in her life for nearly 18 years. 

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, her work and travel halted. It gave her the space to tune in with her inner child and started asking what she needed most. She had an impulse to pull out the skates she has had since she was 12 years old. Due to the lockdown, she practiced in a 5x8 sq foot space, in her tiny cabin in Topanga, CA. She eventually took it to the streets when the lockdown lifted, and hasn’t stopped skating since. Skating has provided many golden opportunities such as meeting incredible people, building new friendships, skating in music videos, and being featured on CBS Sunday Morning.Sarah is passionate about combining skating with her embodiment practice. Flowing, moving and grooving in a way that feels good and authentic to the body. 

“Most of our lives we walk around living in our head, and we forget that we have this amazing vessel of Divine Intelligence we call our body. I love to put my skates on, throw my Spotify on shuffle, get completely out of my thoughts, and drop fully into my body. It’s not about what it looks like, it’s about how it feels. The practice is about tuning into what the body needs, and how it wants to move. When you get out of your own way, and give the body permission to do it’s thing, miraculous things start to occur, not only in the skate session, but in life.”

Hopefully Sarah’s story will inspire you to reconnect to your passion, tune in with your inner child, connect to your center and find your own flow. 

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Fritzy's Sponsored Skater

Amelia Hinton

Amelia is a San Diego Native who grew up roller skating at Skateworld San Diego! While attending Kearny High School, she worked as a Floor Guard and DJ. She spent many weekends keeping order on the skating floor and passing on skating knowledge during all skate sessions as well as lessons. 

Although she mostly only skated recreationally, Amelia has some competition skating under her belt with a handful of Jam Skating competitions, as well as playing roller derby for just shy of 4 years. She played for the San Diego Roller Derby Starlettes as a Angeroo, and also spent time playing on an elite Co-ed team alongside the mighty Fritz and Mr. Fritzy (B.Stang). For a short time she also coached an inner-league team, The Roller Rebels, who went on to make it to the championship for the one and only season.

After leaving Skateworld in 2014 for a new entry level job opportunity at Chuze Fitness, Amelia continued to visit Skateworld regularly on Tuesday evenings for Adult Night, her favorite skating session offered. While climbing the leadership ladder of Chuze Fitness, Amelia put skating on the back burner and it wasn't until the COVID-19 pandemic that she found roller skating to be just what she needed to bring some joy into very dark times for the world. 

In April of 2020, Amelia posted her first Tiktok right as the interest in roller skating was really starting to ramp up, and to her surprise, there were thousands of people who wanted to learn more! From posting simple yet helpful tutorials, to offering small group as well as one on one private lessons, Amelia is finding ways to bring her 16 plus year of skating knowledge and experience to a the fast growing skating community. 

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Fritzy's Sponsored Skater

Bayan "Persian Skater" Ghahramani

She was born in Iran and raised in San Diego and started her skating journey September 2016.

It all started with a few emergency room visits that informed her she was having severe anxiety. Bayan decided it was time to make a change in her life and she chose 
quads as the tool to get her to the beach for a nice exercise and a breath of fresh air. She tells us skating is her therapy, meditation and anxiety medication. She listens to Persian/Iranian, Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, Hip hop, jazz, EDM, country and anything else that has a dance worthy melody. Curly hair, fanny pack and a pair of quads.

@persianskater is always on her way to either the closest boardwalk or a low rider car show in town! If you see her around, be sure to say hi because she will definitely acknowledge you with a jolly friendly smile! 

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Fritzy's Sponsored Skater

Channon Medeiros

Channon was born and raised on the island of Oahu as the youngest of 5 kids. Channon has traveled the world in many different professions, but says "nothing makes me feel more alive than being on wheels, inspiring people to give it a try"

After the gyms closed their doors to the public, Channon started skating in April 2020 as a way to stay active and never imagined his new hobby would become his complete and total obsession. With the help of his closest friends, Channon was determined to create a safe space for the masses of fledgling new skaters like himself, and thus, Sunset Roller Club was born. He has recently been spending his time between San Diego and Hawaii, starting a Hawaii chapter of SRC and trying to spread his sunshine as far as possible. Channon is incredibly proud to represent Hawaiian people in any way he possibly can. 

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Fritzy's Sponsored Skater

Gigi "Diamond Kut" Ferguson

Gigi, also known as Diamond Kut, is a super shiny skater from Houston, Texas. She has played roller derby for 5 seasons. Currently she plays for Texas Rollergirls, and Black Diaspora International Roller Derby Team, a team which she co-founded. You can’t miss her in her one of a kind flip, sequin skate pads.

Gigi is passionate about advocating for the equal treatment and welfare of black women and children throughout the community. She strives to align herself with diverse and inclusive organizations focused on improving representation for people of color.In her spare time, you can catch her stylishly moonlighting in the skatepark or on trail skating with friends. Outside of skating, she enjoys the spa, crystalizing items, and traveling. Her Blinged out persona embodies “Time to Shine”! 

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Fritzy's Sponsored Skater

Jasmine “Jas” Tot

Jas Tot is a certified “Philly Jawn.” Jas was born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Jas has been in and out of skating rinks since she was a kid at birthday parties and social gatherings. During the quarantine in 2020, she finally purchased her own set of quads and fell in love with roller dancing.  

Jas was reintroduced to quad skating during an Atlanta trip in February 2020 where she visited Cascade Skating while on vacation. Just a month later, the pandemic hit, and we were all stuck in the house quarantining.

Seeing and feeling the Black joy at Cascade is what inspired Jas to look into purchasing her own skates. In August 2020, she finally bought her own set of quads and began her roller-skating journey. At the start of her roller-skating journey, Jas had no idea how fulfilling and life changing skating would be to her life.

She enjoys learning more about the skating community and culture each day. She dreams of traveling and skating with different people all around the world. Although Jas is newer to roller-skating, she is passionate about promoting positivity and inclusivity within the skate community.

In January 2022, she began an Instagram Live series called “Talks with Totty.” The purpose of the series is to inspire, motivate, and educate others about what is happening in the skating world. This year she hopes to do more in the community like host events and beginner classes.

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Fritzy's Sponsored Skater

Cassie "Cas" Robinson

Cassie is a lover of bright colors, sunshine, coffee and just having fun! Life is too short not too, right? Living in Orlando, Florida and practicing as a dermatology PA she finds fulfillment in helping and healing others while getting her much needed adrenaline rush at the skatepark when she is out of the office.

Cas finds skating to be both mentally and physically therapeutic. There are not many things you do in life where you have to be mostly focused on one thing, and skating is one of them.

After a demanding day at the office, there is nothing better than a sunset trail skate, listening to your favorite jam and reconnecting fully to your body. Or going park skating; which teaches you mental resilience and that you are much tougher than you thought. Overcoming fears from your first drop in to trying a new trick. Never did she think she’d take a metal pipe to the shin, get up, brush herself off and go again. Incredible.

Cassie purchased her first pair of roller skates in January 2020 when she decided she needed a fun physical outlet. It was the best purchase she has ever made!

Through roller skating, she has met so many incredible people that she probably wouldn’t have otherwise met. She started hosting trail skate meet ups where she was introduced to all different types of skaters including park skaters-where she found her passion!! She built a DIY backyard mini ramp Fall 2020, with the help of her skater friends of course— and now her shins are never without bruises.

Today, Cassie continues to form relationships with new and experienced skaters, learning from them and teaching. “See one, do one, teach one”- just as she learned in her medical training. Orlando has such a bright, vibrant skate community that continues to grow and it’s an honor to be a part of it, as well as part of the Fritzy’s skate shop team! Let’s skate!

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Fritzy's Sponsored Skater

Lindsay "Linds" Miedema

Lindsay grew up in San Diego and loves that it’s sunny year round. She has always enjoyed outdoor activities–hiking, surfing, biking, even rock climbing, mostly because San Diego always has great weather. She still loves being outdoors, but roller skating takes up all of her free time!

Lindsay went to school at San Diego State and currently works for a non-profit health clinic. Growing up, she would go to Skateworld a few times a year, then when she was old enough for adult night, she began to go more often.

The first week of the pandemic was when she bought her very first pair of roller skates, so she could join her older sister who had her own skates. They spent hours skating around their neighborhood together!

Then during the pandemic Linds started working at Fritzy’s Roller Skate Shop in PB and that’s where her skating life grew exponentially! She started out as an instructor teaching beginner lessons on the boardwalk.  Eventually, she ended up working full-time at the shop and the warehouse. 

Linds remembers creating an instagram account just for skating so she could try out the Moxi 365 days of skate challenge. She has seen videos of girls on ramps and really wanted to do it too, so she bought some knee pads, slide blocks and hit the park.

The very first day, even though she scraped all the skin off her leg, she couldn’t get enough. That was September 2020. Ever since then, she has been starting most of her mornings at Linda Vista Skatepark, and exploring all the other beautiful skateparks San Diego has to offer.

She has met some of her best friends and even her boyfriend through skating. These connections are what really makes skating special.

When she has wheels on her feet, she is happy. Linds loves the challenge of trying new tricks and surprising herself when she is able to execute them.

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Fritzy's Sponsored Skater

Frances "Fran" Ortiz

A Puerto Rico native, Frances discovered quad skating when she saw a recruitment flyer for a roller derby team being formed in the Island back in 2011. She went to a practice and she was instantly hooked. 

The group stumbled their way through the sport’s rules and skate basics, having had close to zero experience in skating and absolutely none in derby, but it was a labor of love. She and her teammates cherished every bit of the process.

However, the dream was short-lived. She suffered an injury during a derby bout and broke her tibia and fibula not even a year into her derby journey. While recovering, she shifted her energy to finishing her thesis in architecture and, soon after, life took her to South Florida where she didn’t have much luck connecting with other derby teams and she hung up her skates.

After trying - and failing - the skate daily challenge and rolling on and off for a few years, skating became an integral part of her life again in 2019. She would roll out every day to do distance and to practice dance moves and specific skills she had neglected. Fran even became an avid park skater, hitting the skate park without fail every week. She was finally at the level in skating that she wanted to be and her love for skating was renewed.

In 2020, Fran started the skate daily challenge once more but this time it was different. A fellow Florida skater named Oie - and who goes by @CatchingLizards on IG - created the Catching 1000 Lizards challenge in which you were to log 1000 miles on skates in a year.

To say distance skating changed Fran’s life is a huge understatement. She focused on collecting those miles and finding beautiful new trails all across Florida that would provide scenic views, a smooth pavement to roll on for hours on end and a much needed respite from the pandemic. She was hooked… again.

Fran completed both challenges that year and logged a little over 1600 miles. Now in SoCal, she is looking forward to where trail skating will take her. She already has a list of trails to hit and is training towards her goal of skating 100 miles in a day. If you see her out on a trail, make sure to say hi. She has met some of her closest skate friends that way.

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